My older blog posts

My older blog posts are still available in SharePoint Blues. I’ll list them here. SharePoint 2013 SP1 Installation Stopped-extension-dll-exceptions in User Profile Sync Configuring SharePoint 2013 Host Named Site Collections and Apps Host Debugging SharePoint 2010 Server Search Crawler With Fiddler2 SharePoint Certificate errors Publishing cross farm Managed Metadata in cross forest environment with one…Continue reading My older blog posts

Office 365 unified labeling explained

Last year Microsoft published unified labeling for Office 365. The whole term is a bit mysterious. What does it actually mean? How does it actually work? I’m gonna answer this questions in this article. Unified labeling is dependent on Azure Information Protection (AIP) licensing. You can find the licensing sheet here. Basically it is included…Continue reading Office 365 unified labeling explained

Get user location and view it on a map in PowerApps

There are a lot of real world applications where user location and map view of that location become handy. We have implemented to our customers i.e. fault reporting application for park maintenance, vehicle management application for vehicle maintenance company etc. In all these, telling where the incident happened is crucial. Luckily almost everyone has all…Continue reading Get user location and view it on a map in PowerApps